Having a law degree has allowed Lourdes to work for private lawyer clients in depositions and other legal settings. She translated law suits for Pinheiro Neto,  a very well known Brazilian legal firm and worked as a legal consultant in Philadelphia for Wolf Block Schorr & Solis-Cohen  where she not only advised the American lawyers of differences between Brazilian and US legal systems, but interpreted during crucial conversations between US attorneys and their Brazilian counterparts. She selected and coordinated almost 20 translators, both in the US and Brazil, translated, edited & managed all aspects of this huge project that lasted a few years. She interpreted in Federal and local courts for more than 10 years, after having passed the Portuguese<>English certification exam in New Jersey, which was the first Consortium state to offer exams. The state of Pennsylvania reciprocally accepted her NJ certification, and Lourdes did legal interpreting there as well. She is currently applying for Florida Certification.