Lourdes started translating when she was 16, after having received her Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English. She attended IBEU’s Six Year English Course & Teacher Training Courses in Rio de Janeiro and later the Alumni Association one year translation course in São Paulo. She did a great deal of translation and interpreting in all jobs she had in Brazil and later at the IAHP in Philadelphia. Lourdes translated millions of words from English into Portuguese for The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and  three of their books How To Teach Your Baby to Read, How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence and Pathway to Wellness, published in Brazil. She was coordinator of translators and interpreters of several languages and cultures, at the IAHP, in the late 90’s. She started Norton Language Services in 1988 and worked as a translator for some well known translation companies at the time and continues to work with some to this day.